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The Energy Corridor aims to effectively communicate the flood resiliency improvements that have occurred since Hurricane Harvey and those planned in and around the Energy Corridor. 

The Energy Corridor has confidence in regional efforts to improve the resiliency of the District to withstand a variety of water-related events. 

A Recent History of Notable Storm Events

Like much of Houston, the Energy Corridor has experienced several recent heavy rainfall events. The rainfall during each of the events produced street flooding and some property flooding.

Hurricane Harvey in the Energy Corridor - 2017

Hurricane Harvey at Eldridge/Memorial Intersection


Governing Agencies

Various entities play critical roles in the region with overlapping functionality.

Post Harvey, all levels of government (federal, state, local) responded quickly to move projects forward to improve conveyance, storage, and development.

The Energy Corridor - A Resilient Region

Since Hurricane Harvey, the governing agencies have been hard at work. As a result, the Energy Corridor is better prepared for rainfall events than ever before! 

Resiliency Studies

In addition to the projects that have been constructed, several resiliency studies are in progress. Hover and click for direct access to the latest study information.

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